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How to gain cooperation, buy-in, and ownership

Including people in generating ideas creates support

Our success as leaders, managers, teams, or even in life will ultimately depend on how well we communicate. Communication ┬áis the common thread throughout our learning events, performance coaching, process improvement projects, and mediation’s. Leaders, managers, and people of influence typically ask “how do I get cooperation, buy-in, and create ownership on my team or work group?” From our experience in many, many organizations, domestic and international, we have found that one of the three ways to attain cooperation, buy-in, and create ownership is to ask people what they think versus telling what to think or what you think. Asking questions is a powerful communication strategy, because it demonstrates you care enough -about the thoughts and opinions of others- to ask.

Mastering Leadership question(s): How do you get others to cooperate? What do you do to get buy-in on an idea? Is creating ownership important to getting things done on your team or work group?

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