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Welcome to our blog!  Gilder Group International has been empowering people to greatness in the workplace, at all levels, for decades.  Founded by Michelle Y. Gilder, in 1991, with a passion for empowering people, Gilder Group International has helped grow performance in workplaces from school districts to the Fortune 500.

We present this blog as an interactive forum to inform, invite open dialogue, and present guest blog entries from interesting voices, authorities and experts, and hope you will find it engaging and transforming.  Leadership is our primary focus. We also offer four additional areas of mastery for leaders.  Click on headings or pictures below to read and comment on blog topics.

Leadership Insights  Team Performance   Customer Service


                    Conflict Resolution     Communicating Ideas

                   __ ______ ___________

Enjoy our blog, most of all learn and grow! Please join the conversation, submit a comment, question or idea. Write your name and email address before you contribute, but only your name will show.  Your email address will be private.


Gilder Group International appreciates your comment(s). First enter your comment, then your email address and name. Your email address will be private. Only your name will appear. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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