Gilder Group International

…growing people to greatness!


Gilder Group International has been empowering people to greatness for decades, in the workplace at all levels.  Founded by Michelle Y. Gilder, in 1991, with a passion for empowering people, Gilder Group International has helped leverage performance systems improvements and institute organizational changes in workplaces from school districts to the Fortune 500.

Michelle is among an elite group of people invited to work with adult learning industry leaders,   entered the adult learning industry and discovered her gift for empowering others early in her career. She was soon invited by Fred Pryor Seminars and Ziglar Corporation to help build their practices and became one of their most popular and highly requested facilitators/trainers.

Michelle developed original tools and resources, including the MBM Models, with Marilynn Brennan and Brad Withers, used by Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Gilder Group International uses a facilitative approach to meet client needs on a case by case basis.  Contact a member of Gilder Group International to book an appointment.

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