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Leadership versus Management

Leadership and management are both needed

The critical question that is almost always asked in our Leadership Boot Camp is, what’s the difference between leadership and management? Over the years, we have gathered lots of interesting and well thought answers to this question. The answers have a common thread, leadership focuses on people and management focuses on things; for example policies, processes, and procedures .

The leadership versus management discussions are high-spirited, because we find that most people consider these words synonymous and some people do not. Some consider leadership more vital than management, while others do not. What are your thoughts on leadership versus management?

Mastering Leadership question(s):  What is the difference between leadership and management? Is leadership more vital than management?

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2 thoughts on “Leadership versus Management

  1. Tlouiseir on said:

    This question certainly has been debated among many work teams. In my field of work (Education), I can certainly attest to seeing great learders who can also manage, but I have also seen people who are wonderful at managing the status quo but lacks the visionary and leadership skills to move people to the next step.

  2. Brad Withers on said:

    Managers translate what behaviors they want out of people. Leaders transform minds. Leaders get people to think differently. When people think differently, they will take different actions. It’s really about mindsets. Some people you have to manage. That is tell them what to do. In my experience, most of these people are not happy. The create a negative tension. Others want to be empowered, to be involved in the process. They want room to create and grow. When these people start to have fun, some times the others will come along.

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