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Is your team high performing?

Hot teams are like high performing sports cars

Our Building High Performance Teams learning events  begin with the question, “Is your team high performing?” Answers range from yes to don’t know. Crystal clear roles – how we design and divide tasks – is one of the six elements of a high performance team,  and is one of the top 3 areas that prevents high performance.

To demonstrate the concept of roles we ask participants to think of a high performance  automobile and they always choose a make/model of sports car. Each group chooses a part on the sports car they want to represent. Most groups really have fun with this by creating a drawing or even building a model of the represented part. They then discuss the role of the part, how the part contributes to the sports cars’ high performance, and what happens to performance when the part functions as designed and what happens when it doesn’t.

We use the sports car example successfully to facilitate participants understanding of the concept of roles and how crystal clear roles help build a high performance team.

Mastering Leadership question(s): Are your team members crystal clear about their roles? What barriers prevent the high performance of your team?

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One thought on “Is your team high performing?

  1. Very interesting point.

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