Gilder Group International

…growing people to greatness!


The key to true organizational development is continued practice of the disciplines of learning.

Key to results

Gilder Group International is a Dallas-based learning and human performance firm. Our focus is on helping organizations reach their strategic business goals through the Organizational Development (OD) function: Improve organizational effectiveness Align business strategy, structure, processes, and human behavior into a highly functioning corporate culture > Maximize human performance to increase individual/collective contributions to the organization > Create, demonstrate and support human values in the workplace.

Additionally, we focus on design, development and facilitation of the learning process in over 30 C.E.U. granted human performance competencies, and coaching needed to achieve desired performance expectations for business professionals around the world. Our human performance and facilitated learning services target and satisfy your specific business needs in areas such as Leadership, Team Performance, Communication, Conflict Resolution/Mediation and Customer Service just to name a few.

Our Philosophy…

“The true power of an organization to continue to thrive, lies not in the policies, processes and procedures, but in the people who work for the organization. Grow your people, Grow your business!”

With 25 years in facilitated learning, performance mastery and coaching our experience encompasses many diverse industries such as, and not limited to, school districts, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial institutions, grocery supply, airlines, manufacturing, business seminars, libraries, telecommunications, newspapers, government and military.

Please contact us, we will partner with you to provide cost-effective, value-added options that address the learning and performance needs of your people and achieve the business results you desire.